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These are only some of our prototypes. If you have an idea for a clock or would like a clock using a particular display, a board can be designed for you. Just .
6 Digit Alpha TTL Clock(coming soon) 6 Digit TTL Clock top view 12VDC to 170VDC converter 1 HZ Oscillator
6 Digit Clock, Russian IN-14, IN-16 6 Digit Clock Top View Russian IN-8, IN-16 Display Board Russian IN-14, IN-16 Display Board
Russian IN-1, IN-2 Display Board Russian IN-12A, IN-17 Display Board Russian IN-4, IN-2 Display Board German Z560M Display Board
German Z574M, Russian IN16 Display Board American Sperry SP-736 One Chip Clock Board English Nl-5870ST
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