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Welcome to the NixieStuff website.

We have for sale a kit to make your very own 4 digit NIXIE tube clock. This clock is based on the very large Burroughs B7971 tube that was used in the New York stock exchange. These tubes are very large, 2.5" X 1.5" display and 2" in diameter.

The clock uses a single pmos chip (not a microprocessor) all the parts that make this clock were available in the 70's so its more in tune with that era (not sure about the fuse and the push buttons...).

This is the first clock kit that we have for sale with several more to follow.

You can see the other ones in the Prototypes section (including a 6 digit all TTL clock with the Burroughs B7971 tubes that can run in a car (worlds largest NIXIE tube car clock????).

We can also design one for you if you need something special.

We have lots of Nixie tubes for sale, if you are looking for a particular one send me an email ()


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