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These are images of the 4 Digit Clock

The clock is powered from a 12Vac 250 ma 50/60Hz  "Wall Wart" transformer. The Time base is derived from the AC 50Hz or 60 Hz, this is selectable via a jumper on the board. Time setting is done via 2 small pushbuttons on the board. The colon flashes a a 1 Hz rate and there is a AM/PM indication. The high voltage is achieved using an onboard transformer that is driven from the external AC wall mount transformer. There is a fuse on the high voltage supply. Socket pins are provided for the displays. The wall mount transformer is available at an additional cost.

Description Price US $
Clock Fully Assembled ASK
Clock Fully Assembled No Displays 150.00
Full Kit Ready to Build, With Displays ASK
Full Kit Ready to Build, Without Displays 100.00
Bare Board With Clock Chip 50.00
120Vac Wall Mount Transformer 10.00

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